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SC Nuclear & Vacuum S.A. can provide the following services:

  1. Mechanical cutting structural elements with diameters up to 230mm;

  2. Oxycutting
    • thickness up to 180mm;
    • effective area 2500x6000mm;
    • 4 cutting heads operating simultaneously.

  3. Mechanical cutting of thin steel sheet
    • maximum thickness 5 mm;
    • effective cutting length 2000mm.

  4. Bending
    • maximum thickness 5 mm;
    • effective bending length 2000mm.

  5. Pressing with presses of 6.3 TF ; 12.5 TF ; 100 TF.

  6. Welding
    • electric;
    • protective environment;
    • WIG;
    • MIG.

  7. Machining
    • universal lathing;
    • maximum diameter 730mm, effective length 2000mm;
    • vertical turning lathe;
    • effective lathing diameter 2500mm, maximum length 1000mm;
    • universal milling machine;
    • maximum effective area: 400x1000mm;
    • horizontal and vertical head;
    • digital control machining centers;
    • maximum machining capacity: 4000×1400x800mm;
    • machining accuracy ±0.01mm;
    • drilling and precision boring machine;
    • effective area: 400x300x300mm;
    • machining accuracy ±0.001mm.

  8. Grinding
    • flat – maximum effective area: 400x1000mm;
    • round – maximum ground diameter 300mm.

  9. Heat treatments, various
    • maximum dimensions: 200x200x500mm.

  10. Painting
    • maximum dimension of the enclosure 40m²;
    • protection against corrosion: black finishing, nickel and zinc plating, anodizing.

  11. Blasting
    • shot blasting – chamber dimension 4m³;
    • fine blasting – chamber dimension 0.5m³.

  12. Coils and industrial electronics

The Machining Workshop is capable of performing the following operations:

  • mechanical cutting and oxycutting;
  • machining (lathe, mill, drilling machine, planning machine, vertical shaper, marking, grinding, machining centers);
  • welding;
  • ironware works.

The Company also includes a Painting Workshop with a maximum chamber surface of 40m².

We also perform all type of corrosive protections: black finishing, nickel and zinc plating, anodizing.

    We can perform the following sand blasting operations:
  • shot blasting – chamber dimension 4m³;
  • fine blasting – chamber dimension 0.5m³.

High precision machining for elements used in physics applications.

The machined materials can be: steel, alloyed steel, austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, non-ferrous materials, insulation materials: polyamide, duramide, Teflon, PVC, etc.

The following parts are performed in the Machining Workshop:

  1. Under-frames
    • support;
    • positioning;
    • swinging.
  2. Containers
  3. Bodies

The Vacuum Equipment Workshop produces medium and high vacuum applications, such as:

  • Vacuum systems
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Typical parts for assembly
  • Vacuum circuits
  • Enclosures
  • Vacuum valves

As regards the Nuclear Production Unit, the Company has authorizations for using:
- Radiation stands – panoramic, collimated
and for the photonic radiation of individual dosimeters (photodosimeters, thermoluminiscent dosimeters) in order to calibrate the dosimeter radioprotection and environmental systems.

This unit produces also the following:

  • Gammagraphy systems
  • Radioprotection screens
  • Contamination meters
  • Photodosimeter cassettes
  • Calibration stands – panoramic, collimated for gamma ray dosimeters

The activities carried out in the Nuclear Production Unit (only closed radiation sources are used) do not generate radioactive or other types of waste capable of affecting the environment.

The Metrological Laboratory provides metrological inspection services for flow meters and dosimeters for X and/or gamma rays, alpha and/or beta ray contamination meters, dosimetric and radioprotection measurements.

The Coils and Industrial Electronics Workshop produces the following:

  • Low duty transformers.
  • Various coils, as ordered (client’s design).