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Nuclear & Vacuum SA is a 100% private joint stock company, owner of a vast experience in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear & Vacuum SA is located on the Măgurele industrial site and has a vast experience in implementing the results of physical research, mainly atomic and nuclear research *nuclear electronics, vacuum technology, high efficiency filters and filtering systems) by the design, manufacture and assembly of materials, components, subassemblies, apparatus and systems, design studies, technical documentation, engineering, consultancy, technical assistance, domestic and international collaboration and cooperation, including the construction of complex systems and projects.


Nuclear & Vacuum S.A. provides numerous services, such as: mechanical cutting, oxycutting, mechanical cutting of thin steel sheet, bending, pressing, welding, machining, grinding, various heat treatments, painting electro-chemical protection against corrosion: black finishing, nickel and zinc plating, anodizing, blasting, coils and industrial electronics.